My services all have the same goal – to get you to connect with the world and experience authentic culture.
We will set up an initial call together to discuss in depth your specific needs so we can decide which package aligns best to your travel goals.


Let’s work on your                    connections

Explore the world with the confidence of a traveler!

Want to feel confident traveling solo? I am here to empower you to take that solo trip you've always wanted to go!

The Solo Traveler System


Learn at your own pace on how to plan immersive trips on your own!

Beyond The Bucket List


Learning a language is tough. Let me help you make that easier for you! Teaching Italian, French and Spanish.

Language Tutoring

Feel like a professional traveler for your next trip from start to finish.

Cultural Immersion

Need guidance for your next trip? Let me help you create a custom itinerary curated for you!

Travel Planning


What I can do for you:

  • flight research
  • transport research
  • lodging research
  • restaurant recommendations
  • tourist attraction recommendations
  • leisure activity recommendations

Your travel planning package includes:

Let me help you change that worry to wander by creating a custom itinerary curated for you. After a quick talk about your travel dates, destination, and personal preferences, your travel dreams will become a reality.
Hunting for flight deals and culturally immersive lodgings is my expertise. Why wonder if you’re choosing the right accommodation when an expert can do it for you? Culturally immersive travel takes tons of research and careful planning to get it right.
With over 15 years experience in traveling and almost a decade testing out different modes of travel with my students, I know all the ins and outs of what it takes to create a meaningful and culturally immersive itinerary for you.
Don’t spend an eight hour flight wondering if your Airbnb is actually like the photos or if you’re walking into a surprise.
Don’t spend your days aimlessly walking through unknown streets trying to find out what you’re supposed to be seeing in that city.
Let me do the prep work for you so that you can be comfortable and confident with your travels. Give yourself the time and the space to wander and connect with locals and the real culture.

Do you love to travel but just don’t know how to start?

Travel Planning

  • lodging research
  • restaurant recommendations
  • tourist attraction recommendations
  • leisure activity recommendations
  • one-on-one language tutoring
  • one-on-one cultural immersion coaching
  • flight research
  • transport research

Your CULTURAL IMMERSION package includes:

The full cultural immersion service is for you if you would like a professional to map out your travel experience from start to finish.
We will meet one-on-one to establish your traveling goals, personality, preferences, and learning style.
Our cultural immersion service allows us the time to dig deep and prepare a custom made itinerary that maps out your daily activities.
All your flight research, lodging research, day-to-day itinerary research, and restaurant research will be done for you.
One-on-one coaching will teach you how to culturally immerse yourself.
You will learn how to access the culture of the country before you get there, incorporate it in your daily activities, and process it to learn even more after you get home.
You will gain the skills and knowledge to be able to move like a professional traveler, not a tourist.
One-on-one language tutoring will teach you how to interact and communicate with locals.
We will define your language goals and cater to your learning style, all the while keeping in mind your itinerary and the actual language you will need to be able to speak to make big traveler moves abroad.
You will learn practical language to be able to meet your daily needs while you travel as well as colloquialisms that locals use to communicate with each other.

This package offers you all of the benefits and expertise that the language and travel planning packages offer, and a whole lot more.

cultural immersion

*Language lessons only available for Italian, French, Spanish, and English.

  • one-on-one language tutoring
  • expert knowledge in language and language teaching
  • lessons catered to you
  • All language levels accepted

Your language tutoring package includes:

I know right? Learning a language is tough, but I’m here to make it a lot easier for you.
With over a decade of public school teaching experience, a master’s degree in education (M.Ed), and five years of private tutoring one-on-one, we will map out your language goals and cater each lesson to your personal learning style and interests.
Every learning style is different, but the access to a certified language teacher with the applied linguistics knowledge can make the difference in your language success.
Let’s use music, pictures, videos, food, architecture, history, geography and more to immerse ourselves in the language!

Have you tried to learn another language on your own but it’s just not working? Or maybe you studied French in high school but remember nothing.

Language Tutoring

cultural immersion


one-on-one coaching

custom itinerary planning

one-on-one tutoring

travel planning

what each package includes:


"I had a wonderful getaway with my girlfriend in New Hampshire. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Really appreciate you taking all my needs and wants no matter how ridiculous into consideration and finding me the perfect getaway. The amount of privacy we had, the house on the water, and finding me something so remote so I could spend quality time with my girlfriend really meant a lot."

- Dan W.

"I am very fortunate to have Jessica as my French tutor. Our lessons involve much more than just reviewing vocabulary and grammar. Jessica weaves into our classes discussions about news and current events in France. Because of her experience living and traveling abroad, she has a perspective on language and day-to-day life in other countries that many other foreign language teachers do not have. Her familiarity with customs and lifestyles from other parts of the world make the classes more interesting and relevant."


"Jessica planned a tour of Italy during the summer of 2019. She asked me a series of specific questions as to what I wanted to accomplish. My main request was that I wanted to live like an Italian for three weeks and not be a tourist, to be in or near the sea as much as possible, and to eat like an Italian would at home."

Solo Traveler

Budget & Travel Planning Guide

Budget & Cultural Guide to Southern Italy


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